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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Thoughts After Episode 6

It was another week, and another episode of questionable and cringe-worthy Survivor play. This week’s episode featured bartering, whining about teammates, tears, debatable strategy, and more. Sorry to be so negative about it, but I’m beginning to dislike this cast as a whole, and I’ll highlight some of my opinions in my episode analysis. Here are my thoughts on the episode that was;

  • Jeff Probst, as promised, showed up to the Hunahpu tribe with a big old bag of rice. The tribe had complained that they were almost out of rice last episode and were willing to make a trade, as they have been willing to do often this season, much to my chagrin. Probst outlined his demands in exchange for the rice; all of their comfort items, their extra flint, most of their tools such as their hatchet and hammer, and their pot. The price seemed acceptable to me, as Probst said in order to get the rice they started with they basically have to agree to start at zero supply wise. While it would have been nice to see them have to go to tribal council as a price, that would have inevitably benefitted some members of the tribe, even if it put them all at risk. The price Probst made the tribe pay hurt every tribe member equally, and for that reason, I think it was reasonable.
  • Of course, it has to be discussed that not every tribe member was happy about the trade. Jeremy, in confessional, was extremely vocal about his displeasure with the tribe’s trade, as he thought they could tough it for a few days in hopes they could win a food reward at some point. Every time we see Jeremy it seems like he’s complaining or bitching about something, and it really is making him extremely unlikable. I could say the same about Natalie as well, both players are so unlikable for me, so opinionated and obnoxious, and I find myself hoping they get voted out soon.
  • I’ve got to give it up for Dale, he could have easily given up hope when his daughter got voted out, but he played hard in this episode. Dale seems like a smart guy, and he went to the gullible Jon and showed him his fake idol. Jon being in power in this game is really terrible for the game of Survivor, but in this instance, it created a very interesting variable as he believed the fake idol and planned his strategy as such. As his Coyopa tribe lost both the reward and immunity challenges, Jon and Jaclyn were forced to choose once again between going with Dale, or going with Missy and Baylor. The fact that Jon believed that Dale had an idol forced the foursome to split their votes between Dale and Keith, with Keith’s vote for Dale being the one that would send him home if he didn’t play the idol. Of course, Dale understood that getting to a merge at 12 or 11 would be new life in this game, and made one huge play, working Jon over one more time. Dale promised Jon his “idol” if he were saved that night and Jon really thought long and hard about that move. Eventually, Jaclyn talked him into sticking with the alliance he built with Missy and Baylor, and Dale was indeed voted out 3-2-1. Once again, I give a lot of respect to Dale for the way he played, I thought he was likable, and hard-working, but at the end of the day, he didn’t play the social game well enough, and couldn’t sway votes his way.
  • The vote in this episode is a double blunder for Jon, in my opinion. Firstly, Jon should not have taken Dale’s word for the idol. Clearly that idol was less ornate than your typical idol should be, and given that Dale never went to Exile Island, the idea of a fake idol should be creeping into his head. It’s not the biggest blunder in the moment, I guess, but if you do think that idol is real and have a chance to get it on a handshake, you take that option. Jon has to do the math and realize that if you plan to go with a pair to the end, you only assure yourself top 4, but if you get Dale’s idol and vote Missy out, you not only basically lock up a plausible top 3 alliance with the pair-less Dale, but you knock out another couple that could push you from a spot on the Final Tribal Council. Trusting a pair over a single player is not really anyone’s best option in this game, and if you can get your hand on an idol to boot, it would be gold. I don’t get how Jon doesn’t grab an idol if he thinks he has the chance to, it’s another questionable moment in his Survivor game.

It was kind of an odd episode of Survivor, but at the very least, it appears as if the game’s going to get better now that there’s going to be a merge at twelve. From the previews it’s hard to say what’s going to go down next week, but much like in the first season of Blood vs. water, the first vote will definitely determine power and control for the rest of the game. Either way it shakes out, with so many couples left in the game, it should be fun. Until next episode, I’ll leave you with my final thoughts:

  • Julie did not have a good time after the tarp was taken away and the rains came, and it seemed like she really thought about quitting. There’s been talk all season about a quit, could she be it? I kind of agree with Alec, if she doesn’t want to tough it out, she should just go…Am I the only one annoyed by the way Baylor and Missy are playing? I feel like there’s a lot of smugness about that duo, that’s kind of why I wish Jon got rid of Missy, I don’t think he or anyone else can really trust them in this game…Looking ahead to a merge, if Josh, Reed, Wes, Keith, and Alec are a group, and Baylor, Missy, Jon, and Jaclyn are another, I guess we’re going to have to look to Jeremy, Natalie, and Julie as the power deciders. Do they go with Jon and take out Josh, or do they align with the old Coyopa alliance and break the super-couple of Jon and Jaclyn? Will Keith’s idol come into play? So many questions, and only time will tell.

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