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Survivor: Worlds Apart – Thoughts After Episode 2

The second episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart brought us some more drama, and added a little more intrigue to this season in the early going. While the edit of the show may have enhanced some of the more dramatic or oddball moments from the episode, I thought it was a good show this week, even if the strategy and behavior were fairly questionable from some of the contestants. One thing is for certain; this group of contestants is fairly smart and alert as a collective, at least in terms of the game of Survivor, and seeing them play the game hard is giving me a lot of hope for what’s to come this season. Here are my thoughts on the episode that was:

  • The episode started out with a lot of really oddball moments from the tribes, as if to highlight the dysfunctional moments in their lives in absence of any real drama. It really appears as if the tribes are adjusting well to their conditions four days in to the game, so I think the producers have had to stretch for a few things to show to keep the show interesting. The most they could show of White Collar’s camp life was the fact that Max and Shirin occasionally like to pull a Richard Hatch and walk around the beach without clothes. Alright, if that’s the most that was happening at their camp at that point then I have to feel like they’re really getting along as a tribe. A lack of early drama is a good thing in this game; it means that they might have a strong tribe in the making. Now the Blue Collar tribe was shown to be a bit less harmonious, but it appears as if most of the discord among their tribe is internal with certain pairs or alliances, and probably isn’t affecting their game. Sure, Dan losing his “manties” was a moment of levity, merely thrown in there to let us know he’s kind of a buffoon around camp, but the reactions of his tribe members are painting a different picture of the tribe. It seems clear there is a majority alliance here of Lindsey, Ronnie, Kelly, and Sierra, and they’re not afraid to say what’s on their mind when they think someone is acting up. I’m not really a fan of the way Lindsey degrades people, she seems like she has a mean girl streak in her, and along with Ronnie, she kind of runs the tribe ‘in-group’ so to speak. Dan and Mike are unquestionably on the outs with their tribe, but as long as they stay strong in challenges, they should be good until the tribe swap.
  • The No Collar tribe was shown to have a lot more issues than the other tribes this week. They had some fundamental issues to work out that seemed to be affecting the way their tribe operated. Nina’s hearing impairment was a clear barrier between her and the younger girls of the tribe, and when they went off without, she had a bit of a breakdown. While her emotional moment was probably a combination of a lot of factors in the game, it was really sort of a divisive moment as the tribe seemed to split down the middle, with Nina, Vince, and Will becoming close, and Joe, Jenn, and Hali doing likewise. Their tribe seemed divided and unsure of what to do to salvage their collective game with hurt feelings and mistrust abound. The No Collar group was simply a mess for the entirety of the episode, and while it seemed like Joe and Jenn might be the only ones playing the game really well, they couldn’t bring their tribe together at all, and seemed completely uninterested in team unity. I think those two are the strong players in this tribe, but they both came off fairly unlikable this episode. They weren’t able to make Nina feel like a part of the tribe, and they consistently sparred with Vince, who I think could have been a solid ally for them in the long run. Without a strong tribe, they could easily be at risk for getting voted out early in this game, so it’s disappointing to see them playing like they have a final three with fourteen others still in the game.
  • This was another episode with only one challenge, with the three tribes competing in a water obstacle course to get buoys that they would have to shoot in a net. It was a fairly standard Survivor challenge, one that was a good test of the contestants’ water skills. Most of the contestants among the three tribes competed well, and it was fairly close throughout the beginning, until one contestant finally faltered. It ended up being Will who suffered in the water, getting his buoys tangled in one of the obstacles and setting his tribe back a ways. A clutch performance by Joaquin in the shooting portion for White Collar sealed the reward and immunity for them, and Sierra did enough to ensure Blue Collar wouldn’t have to go to Tribal either. It was fittingly the least functional tribe of the episode going to Tribal Council, as No Collar couldn’t overcome Will’s bad performance in the challenge. The fact that No Collar couldn’t come together in camp was reflective of their performance in the challenge, which was kind of poetic in a sense.
  • The sequence of events leading up to Tribal Council was extremely convoluted this week. It seems like everyone on the No Collar tribe was paranoid of everyone else, and a lot of people talked themselves into vulnerable positions in their paranoia. Vince had his mindset on taking down Joe’s iron clad grip on the leadership of the tribe, but decided that his strength was still needed for survival. He devised a plan with Nina to get rid of Jenn, who neither of them trusted, and asked Nina to make sure will was felling good and up to working with them. Of course, this conversation ended up really backfiring thanks to Nina’s careless wording, since she made it seem like Vince was distrusting of Will’s ability to perform and stay healthy. The other alliance did no better strategizing, as they decided to give credence to the concept that Nina might have an idol, devising a plan to split the vote between her and Vince with Will in tow. The problem with this plan of course was the fact that Will clearly was close with Nina and really couldn’t be trusted to go along. Joe really didn’t think this through well at all, and his confessional admitting to the flaws in his plan was infuriating. If he really thought his plan had that many holes, why go with it? They should have just put 3 votes on Vince and convinced Will to switch, but the three of them stuck with their vote split, relying on Will to come through. It was a blunder of sorts to rely on someone you can’t fully trust, but in the end it sort of worked for them so I guess the threesome gets a pass. Vince ended up getting voted out 3-2-1 over Jenn after Will turned on everyone and got the person who he ultimately distrusted the most ousted from the game. There’s really no defending this move, if you’re Will you either stick to one plan or the other, but you definitely don’t create your own plan because then everyone now distrusts you and thinks you’re a loose cannon. Now he’s probably on the bottom of his tribe, when he could’ve had a solid trio to work with, and he’s got no one to blame but himself. He better hope that he can survive to a tribe swap and realign himself, because he actually blew up his only good thing going. This tribe was a mess all episode, and even in the vote they were scattered and unorganized, but at least Joe, Jenn, and Hali are sitting pretty at this point.

Episode 2 was just as fun as the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart last week, even though it will never be quite as ‘No-Collar’ ever again without therapist and freelance coconut vendor Vince around. Like him or not, Vince brought a certain level of honesty and intensity to the game, and I feel like I was just starting to get to appreciate his game play by the end of the episode, only for the script to get flipped on him. This season is getting good, and I can’t wait ‘til next week when it looks like Blue Collar finally implodes; that should be good drama. Until next week, I’ll leave you all with my final rapid-fire thoughts on the episode:

  • Seriously, what’s with all the nude people this episode, weird thing to focus a lot of attention on, don’t you think Burnett…I wonder if Rodney and Mike will come to blows next week, if anyone’s ever going to get kicked off this show for punching somebody else I feel like it would be Rodney…Very quiet episode from Carloyn after she had a lot of face time last week. I actually could use some of her insight on the air show, she seems to break things down well in confessionals…Along that note, we still have barely seen anything from Kelly or Sierra yet. C’mon producers, let’s give everyone some air time…I think it’s time for me to make a winner prediction, so here it is; Tyler is going to take this game in the end. He’s playing a very stealthy game, has rationale supportive teammates behind him, and I have some trust in that final four they have going on. I really think he could be the winner of Worlds Apart!

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