Check out my friend’s blog about our experiences going up Sawteeth in the Adirondack High Peaks. All I gotta say is….should’ve brought snowshoes.


View from Sawteeth's summit View from Sawteeth’s summit

May 5 2015

Finally after a long brutally cold winter it was time to break out the boots and the backpack and go hiking.  Andrew and I spent the weeks leading up trying to whip ourselves into decent shape which surprisingly did not take all that long considering how lazy the winter made me in that regard.  The day started bright and early as usual for us catching a 6am breakfast before making the 1.5 hour drive up to the high peaks.  We got to St. Hubert’s just after 8am noticing only one other car in the lot so we figured it would be a lonely day in the Great Range.  The weather was a perfect 70 and sunny though so we were pretty excited to get out on the trails.  We made our way to the register at the AMR gate and as expected we were the only…

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