Iroquois & Algonquin

Want to read a nice adventure story? Check out my friend’s blog on our latest hike in the High Peaks!


View from Algonquin Peak View from Algonquin Peak

One week after checking off Sawteeth we were back at it going for another high peak.  This week it was Iroquois on the top of the checklist, and for me my official halfway point to completing the Adirondack 46 high peaks.  Our friend Dan was joining us for the hike as well, the last climb he went on with us was Phelps Mountain last year so he was pretty excited about going again.  We got our breakfast and headed out to the Adirondack Loj.  We got there a bit later than I had hoped but I was not too worried about it as the hike we planned didnt seem like it would take any longer than usual.  We also had a solid week of 80 degree weather which we knew would have melted a lot of snow, but we had no real idea about the exact nature of…

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