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Survivor: MVGX – Thoughts On Episode 3

Thoughts On This Week’s Episode:

  • The Gen X tribe was having problems from the start of the episode, and it’s pretty obvious why. They made a dumb decision, and half of the people around were either frustrated or experiencing buyer’s remorse. The weirdest part of all of this was just how quickly Lucy was to start throwing Jessica under the bus for the whole move, especially because I could distinctly remember her being enthusiastic about the Paul vote. I don’t know, snakes will be snakes I guess, and the longer these tribes stay together the more I’m realizing that the Gen X tribe is just a whole bunch of snakes playing a tremendously paranoid game. They’re doomed as a unit, I knew it 5 minutes into the episode, and the end results proved me right.


  • We got our first separate reward challenge of the season! It was a very physical challenge, one we’d seen in many configurations over the years, where someone had to get an object over a finish line while the other team has to try to stop them. Gen X ended up winning a nice feast, but the fun part about this challenge was how much Chris just dominated the whole thing. Chris is quite the athlete, you can see it with his size and stature, and even though he was on the wrong side of the last vote, you have to imagine that his abilities in challenges are going to carry him further in the game. I don’t like the guy much as a player, I don’t think he’s playing an interesting game, but he sure can put his team on his back!


  • Adam had a nice episode this week, which was capped by a really fun idol search. The show really went out of its way to keep with the wacky Millennials edit when it showed them salivating over the concept of catching a goat to eat (they were never going to catch a coat, let’s just be real for a second). But, out of the wacky nature of that scene came that real story; Adam sneaking off to try to find the idol. Adam was really in need of some help after the Mari vote found him on the wrong side of the numbers, but he found that help in a slightly hidden knot of trees in the forest. Adam found the clue to the idol, and had to pick his spot to go and get it. The funniest part of the scene was when Hannah walked by casually, just after Adam had his hands on the idol, and waved and asked how the idol search was going. Seriously, they couldn’t script that, it was way too funny, and made the scene just about perfect. I like Adam having the idol on the Millennials tribe, he might just be the biggest fanboy on that tribe, and given the fact that he’s on the bottom of his tribe, it could lead to some interesting game tactics moving forward. The Millennials keep making things interesting this season, and this idol situation is just adding another layer to what’s promising to be a wide open game.


  • It wasn’t very surprising to see Gen X lose the immunity challenge. They’ve really done a horrendous job coming together as a team, and they completely botched the puzzle at the end of this week’s challenge, meaning a date at Tribal Council awaited them. The problem with the tribe, as it was constructed, is that everyone kind of believes they’re the leaders and they have the numbers and trust on their side. We saw Lucy, Ken, Jessica, and the duo of Chris and Bret all take turns telling everyone that they knew what’s best for the tribe over the last two episodes, and everyone’s plans started overlapping dangerously leading up to this vote. Jessica made one of the stupidest plays I’ve seen this season when she took all of the intel Ken gave her about how Lucy was targeting her, and went straight to the source for answers. I don’t know what Jessica thought she was going to accomplish by asking Lucy bluntly if she was trying to get her voted off, but it did create a lot of chaos thereafter. Lucy and Ken got into a really big blowout after Jessica accidentally just blew up both of their games in her confusion, and all the plans went up in the air. Ken, David, and Cece were going to try to blindside Lucy and take complete control of their game, but Jessica couldn’t accept the help and she ruined her last saving grace…or so it seemed. At Tribal Council, David, who had been hinting about bringing his immunity idol, pulled out his idol at the very last minute in order to save Jessica. It was a real jaw-dropping moment because David was losing his only life line in the game and doing it for someone who busted his chances and completely flubbed everything at camp. I think it was incredibly short-sided of David to give up his idol but that’s what he did, and I’m sure he felt very confident about keeping his numbers intact here. As a result, 5 votes for Jessica (including the one cast by Ken) were nullified and Lucy was voted out in a 2-1 decision. Lucy could’ve avoided her demise in many ways, and I’ll discuss it below, but this was so badly played for the majority of the Gen X tribe. For our hero Ken, voting for Jessica was a horrible play after gunning for Lucy so hard. I don’t care how badly you’re upset with Jessica, you bring her in and move forward. And if you do decide to switch your vote to Jessica, then let your alliance know that so they don’t do something stupid like, I don’t know, use an idol meaninglessly. And why is Jessica voting for Cece? Does she really think she’s going to be able to salvage her old alliance? She was truly living in delusion during this 3 day period of the game, and every decision she made was worse than the last. The Gen X tribe has been terrible, I’m glad they’re getting put out of their misery next week when a tribe swap comes around.

Thoughts After the Episode:

  • My player of the week honors go to Adam, I guess. He did find an idol and had a great TV moment doing so, so surely he should get props this week. I’m kind of giving this to him by default though because everyone else really played poorly this week …My favorite moment of the episode was obviously when David played that idol. He did in such an awkward fumbling fashion that it made the moment all that more perfect. I forget the exact quote he made while giving the idol to Jeff but it was cringeworthy and amazing…Can I just say Lucy kind of had this coming. If you ever play the game of Survivor, rule #1 is never make people feel like you’re telling them what to think. You must always make people think that the decisions they’re making are what’s best for them and come of their own volition. For that reason, and really that reason alone, I’m happy Lucy got her comeuppance…Poor Taylor and Figgy are about to be split up at the tribe swap next week! This is gonna be a national tragedy! In all seriousness though, it would be a blessing in disguise if they were split up for a short while, it will allow them to play the game for a little bit unstigmatized and gain a few new allies potentially. They both seem like socially capable and physically strong players so I doubt they’ll have anything to worry about besides being labeled and targeted as a couple, so a tribe swap is in their best long term interests.

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