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Survivor: MvGX – Thoughts on Episode 12

Thoughts on the Episode:

  • Will really adequately predicted his downfall in last week’s episode, and I was extremely happy to watch his half episode downfall. After many weeks of power players having their heads cut off so to speak, Will decided it was a great point in the game to step up to that power player role and turn on everyone he had been working with. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again; I’m not sure what Will was supposed to do to get in a position to win anyway, but putting a target on his own forehead really was never going to work out well. We had a great scene at the water well with Adam, Bret, and Sunday who hinted at the attempts of using a strategy like the one Will proposed, meaning they should align from the bottom and swing back and forth between alliances to take out all the power players. It’s a strategy that made sense, and it ended up prolonging peace at camp for just another day, since it made everyone turn their attentions towards voting out the swing vote, Will. The only thing that needed to happen was for anyone else to win immunity, and Jay stomped everyone at the challenge once again (in pure Ozzy fashion) and Will was promptly voted out. There’s not much more to say about Will, he waited in the wings for a while, emerged recklessly, and got voted out when he lost all trust.


  • The second half of the episode had a very interesting build. Just like last week’s episode felt like a pre-cursor to Will’s demise, this part of the episode felt like the prologue to the finale, building on the on-air relationship between Adam and Jay. Starting with the immunity challenge, which was a phenomenal split attention challenge where they had to build a block puzzle while trying to keep attention to a ball falling down a Plinko like apparatus, we got to see Adam really kick into shape. Adam, seeing the ability to take Jay or Jay’s idol out of the equation, decided he was going to throw his immunity chances away and help Ken finish his puzzle while paying attention to the ball falling for him. The teamwork aspect of that was great to see, but more importantly, we got to see Adam really getting very strategic with decisions. Helping Ken win was akin to helping Jay lose, and seeing that Adam had the foresight in the moment to play that decision the way he did speaks very highly for Adam’s mindset this late in the game. It seems as if the loved one visit has given him clarity and intention again, and Adam is coming into his own in a subtle, yet smart way. After Ken won immunity, all eyes (and cameras) turned to Jay and Adam, as Adam plotted to force Jay to play his idol and throw enough votes to get David out at the same time. It was a well conceived plan, and watching his conversation with Jay in the hammock was a strong moment for Adam. Not only did he pressure jay into ultimately using his hidden immunity idol, but he simultaneously built trust with him by telling him about his mom’s cancer. It was a touching moment of true human emotion in the game, but beyond that, it was remarkable to watch Adam build trust and respect with a guy he was admittedly gunning for. That just doesn’t happen on Survivor very often, and it’s another really eye opening moment in this late season story of Adam playing to win. In the end, as much as Adam tried to convince Ken and Hannah that throwing votes for David would be in everyone’s best interest, Hannah was convinced that keeping a jury goat like Sunday around was in her detriment, and insisted on voting her out instead. It could’ve been one hell of a big move if Adam could’ve ousted David with Jay playing his idol, but he decided in the end (or Hannah decided for him) that sticking with the 4 would be best for the moment. The best part about the vote was jay playing his idol and then realizing as the votes were read that he didn’t even need to play it. He was conned pretty impressively, and it was one hell of a bummer for him. The votes were split a little bit, but Sunday was eliminated in a 4-2-1 decision. I’ll say this about Sunday, she never gave up despite being on the bottom a lot, and Bret and her fought hard to stay in the social game, but aside from that, Sunday never really gave us anything to root for on the show. It might be mean to say she won’t be missed on the show, but she really didn’t play a big part on the show, so at the very least her leaving leaves another interesting character for the finale.

Thoughts after the Episode:

  • My player of the week honors go to Adam for this episode. Adam keeps shining late in the game, and I think he waited just long enough for the power players to out themselves and turn on each other before finalizing his push towards the end. I’d say he’s made the most friends out of anyone in the final 6, and that basically puts him in the cat burglars seat going into the finale. He can go just about any way he wants to, and if he plays it right, I think he could end up being a surprise winner…My favorite moment of the episode was probably during the second immunity challenge when Adam stopped his puzzle to help Ken with his. I really loved the teamwork there, and I thought it was pretty hilarious how badly Ken originally misspelled Millennials and his response about how not eating for 35 days will cause you to forget to spell. It was a nice moment…Jay is still holding strong despite the fact that he’s almost completely out of the alliance loop at this point. I’ve been talking him up as my intuitive favorite, and regardless if it works out or not, and despite the fact that he’s outside my favorite alliance, a part of me is really rooting for him to pull off this underdog story. Jay would be a great winner…With the split attention challenge being performed at Final 7, it’s really giving me a lot of hope that the Legacy Advantage is going to be fantastic. And luckily since it’s a Day 36 issue, it will probably lead off the finale. There’s been speculation that it might’ve been the standard Day 36 advantage where people get to practice the challenge before anyone sees it, but this is always done with some sort of a split attention challenge. Now I’m 100% sure that the advantage is going to be a true game changer…So how’s this game going to go? I have a funny feeling that we’re going to see the nerd alliance stay 4 strong, and it’s going to be Adam and Hannah who flip against David to force a fire-making tie-breaker between David and Adam. I think Adam prevails and wins in the end, with a vote of something like 6-2-2.

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