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Survivor: Game Changers – Power Rankings and Thoughts After Episode 7

I feel like this show is finally going off the rails this season. There were a lot of people I came into this season rooting for or at least interested to watch, and I feel like one by one most of them have been picked off. It’s all just a matter of personal preference I guess, but I genuinely feel like the Hali and Ozzy votes this week were not well thought out or advantageous to a lot of people. As the game merged, I think a lot of players in this game are mentally drained and just making moves vote to vote instead of thinking about their end games. In this respect, I think the game is starting to feel a bit weak, and a bit cold, just like most returning player seasons tend to be. It’s still interesting though, I’m excited about how unpredictable the game is staying, and the fact that a clear victor hasn’t emerged just yet. Here are this week’s power rankings:


  1. Michaela Bradshaw (0)

– I absolutely love the storyline where Cirie is taking Michaela under her wing, it has potential to be a great story for the end game. Unfortunately, the way the story is being framed makes me think Michaela isn’t a very likely winner of this show. She seems to be playing second fiddle in the story, and usually when that happens, you can just assume that person isn’t the victor.

  1. Aubry Bracco (-2)

– Aubry’s entire starting tribe of ten has been whittled down to 3, and I’m not convinced that she’s really working with either of them right now. I think Aubry has been a victim of circumstance this season, which happens all the time on this show, and because of her position in the tribe, I think she’s really just along for the ride at this point.

  1. Tai Trang (+3)

– The longer Tai can hold on to his idols, the better I’ll feel about his chances. Regardless of how well he can play this game of survival, I still can’t picture him being crafty or articulate enough to win this game

  1. Debbie Wanner (+5)

– Debbie came to play, I can’t disregard that fact anymore. Sure, she’s loopy and she’s going to lose respect from the jury for playing that way, but if she can articulate a winning game in the end and prove to everyone her acting and antics were part of her strategy, than she might just have an outside chance if everything goes well.

  1. Andrea Boehlke (+3)

– Andrea appears to be in a good spot besides Cirie and Sarah after the merge. Her name did get thrown around during one of the voting cycles, which may be a bad omen, but I’m not really down on her right now given her alliances and abilities in the social game of Survivor. I still don’t think it makes sense given what we’ve seen so far to think that Andrea could be the Sole Survivor of Game Changers, but I think she has a part t play in how the end game goes down.

  1. Zeke Smith (0)

– Zeke made a bad play by trying to over-play his alliance. Essentially, he just tried to mimic the game he played in Millennials vs. Gen X, but it was called out much quicker with returning players than first-timers could. Zeke is not out of the game just yet, but he is likely going to face an uphill battle to gain traction and trust after overplaying.

  1. Brad Culpepper (-3)

– Brad looked like the leader of his tribe in the pre-merge game, but he seemingly disappeared from the edit after they merged. I’m not sure what to make of that, but I d think he’s in a precarious spot regardless of the edit. I think people know that he has an alliance, and that he might be a good person to get people to rally around getting rid of. I’m taking a step off the Brad Culpepper bandwagon at this point; I don’t think his path to victory is simple anymore.

  1. Troyzan Robertson (+5)

– I think Troyzan is in a better spot than Brad right now simply because of his idol and his personality. Troy has had to play a quiet game thus far due to circumstance, but I genuinely believe his misfortune may have turned into fortune because he’s had to display more loyalty and patience then his first game. I think he’s going to continue staying under the radar for the time being, but once he gets in trouble, he will be able to use his idol to flip the game, hopefully with very few people left in the game. Troy is a dark horse in this game, and a personal favorite for me going forward!

  1. Sierra Dawn Thomas (-2)

– Sierra had the title quote this week, telling Debbie that she’s the new sheriff in town. It was hokey, and I’m not sure I buy it, but either way Sierra appears to have a lot of confidence in what she’s doing right now, so good for her I guess. And, on the plus side, she didn’t have to use her legacy advantage, so she’ll be in a great spot if she can just stick around until the vote at final 6. She’s no longer my favorite, but Sierra is silencing her haters well thus far

  1. Sarah Lacina (+1)

– Sarah just keeps climbing up my board of contenders every week. I like the way she comes across in her confessionals, and I like how she plays aggressively, but patiently. I think her style suits this particular game well, so I really have high hopes for her going forward.

  1. Cirie Fields (+3)

– Cirire is getting such a great edit right now, and I really think she might be the favorite right now. I said this from episode 1 on, she would be in trouble from the start because of her social/strategic reputation, but every vote she survives will make her harder to beat, and I think there’s some real truth to my prediction. She’s built a formidable bond with her alliance, and even though she’s a threat, I think she’s once again managed to disguise her intentions with honesty and humility. I think Cirie winning this game would be one of the best results out of all the possibilities left.

Thoughts After Episode:

  • Player of the week honors go to Cirie for this episode. I think her ability to build trust and respect between players in this game is remarkable, and that was on full display during the two voting cycles of this particular episode. I really think she has a chance to get that elusive win this time…My favorite moment of the episode was when Cirie pulled aside Michaela and had a real heart to heart with her. I’m getting to be a bit of a broken record here, I know, but I really loved this part of the edit, I think it was a really nice moment in what’s been a very cold, calculating game thus far, and I think the relationship that was built there is probably going to matter down the line…I was sad to see my winner pick Hali get voted out, but I guess I’m not terribly surprised either. I had a feeling she would be great at the game, but it didn’t seem like she connected with people as well as she should have. I just think she got a raw deal and no one really seemed very interested in working with her, which is more a testament to the way the game played out then the player.

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