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Survivor: Game Changers – Power Rankings and Thoughts After Episode 8

I really enjoyed this particular episode of Game Changers, mostly because of the result of Tribal Council. I’m not going to miss watching Debbie play Survivor at all, she was such a ham actress on the show, and was such an annoyance on the show. I think the strategic game-play got ramped up a little bit this episode too, with a lot of players sort of waking up and trying to play a winning game gearing up to the end. Overall, I’m pleased with the direction after this episode, and I think I’m gonna be able to enjoy the next few episodes with all of the variables still in play and what not. Here’s this week’s power rankings:


  1. Michaela Bradshaw

– Well, at least Michaela was on the right side of the numbers this vote. I’m sure that counts for something. Unfortunately, I’m not getting the vibes that Michaela is liked or respected by her peers in this game, so her chances of winning remain very low in my opinion.

  1. Tai Trang

– This guy is still holding two idols and it’s getting very deep in the contest now. He has some room to maneuver and that should make things unpredictable going forward. I don’t see him winning, but Tai should be a key character going forward.

  1. Andrea Boehlke

– Andrea is having her name thrown around a lot in the early going of the merged game, but I think she’s playing decently in the face of adversity. She was very upset with how Zeke handled himself during the last voting cycle, yet was able to push those feelings aside for the sake of her best interests, which is something rookie players sometimes struggle with. I’m pleasantly surprised with Andrea so far, and I hope she continues to show her strongest side.

  1. Zeke Smith

– Zeke survived a tough spot thanks to the arrogance of the alliance of 6, and the previews for next week seem to indicate there might be some hope for him to sneak into some cracks in the alliances. Still, Zeke has lost a great amount of trust in the game so far, and that’s bound to be his undoing at some point.

  1. Aubry Bracco

– Aubry really showed her Survivor strategic skills this week, playing a key part in flipping Sarah from her alliance of 6 to vote out Debbie. It was the same kind of smooth talking that allowed her to develop alliances late in the game in Kaoh Rong, and it’s got me thinking that Aubry has some life in this contest now.

  1. Troyzan Robertson

– Troy won immunity this week, which was a cool moment in the show, but it always concerns me when the person who wins doesn’t get a lot of attention for that win. I would love it of the editors could at least try to fool me for a second and give some scenes that might indicate that Troyzan is doing some strategic work in his alliance. Either that or maybe the fact that they’re not fooling me is actually them fooling me? I don’t know, after last season I’m kind if done trying to read the edit too early on.

  1. Brad Culpepper

– I think Brad could really re-emerge in this game he finds a way to make a move against Sierra before she gets a chance to do the same to him. That would be one hell of a bold move, but I think it could be a winning move for him. That’s what I’m looking for next week, especially after seeing the snippets of conversation Troyzan and he had with Zeke. Brad is still in it to win it.

  1. Sierra Dawn Thomas

– The result of Tribal Council this week was undeniably a huge blow for Sierra’s game. Losing Debbie was not something she needed, especially because Debbie was unintentionally acting as a shield to keep the attention away from Sierra. Now that their plan has been busted, the alliance they had built up could easily fall apart completely. Sierra still has a trump card up her sleeve, but she will have to be shrewd trying to navigate through the waters to get to that point.

  1. Sarah Lacina

– Sarah is making a great case to win Game Changers. She’s playing smart, she’s making friends, and, most importantly, she’s making the kinds of big moves that get Jeff Probst all worked up. Sarah continues to be an impressive force in this game, and I think she’s managing to balance playing strong and playing humble, which should allow her to snake through to the end of the game without getting caught in the crosshairs of some alliances struggle for supremacy. Sarah looks like a potential winner at this point.

  1. Cirie Fields

– I’m gonna be a little bit shocked if Cirie doesn’t win at this point. She is getting such a triumphant edit, filled with unnecessary moments of personal struggle and achievement along the way. Her moment in the water obstacle where Jeff made sure to make a spectacle of her finishing the challenge is enough reason for me to believe she’s a likely winner, and we’ve been seeing scenes like that all season. Cirie is playing magnificently too, so if she gets to the end it will be because she’s a shrewd player, not because anyone has necessarily overlooked her skills.

Thoughts After Episode 8:

  • My player of the week honors go to Sarah Lacina for this particular episode. I think at the end of the day she made the right decision to get rid of a game nuisance in Debbie. It may have looked like Sarah was in a good spot in the majority alliance, but it’s far better not to play with a loose cannon then it is it to try to go the end with one, so I think she made a great long-term move opening up her options for jury votes by working with the entire tribe in a respectful manner…My favorite moment of the episode was the moment when that 11th vote was revealed. It was one of those tough votes for the viewers because you really just couldn’t tell who it was going to be, so the suspense was really high for that second or two. I was ecstatic when that sixth vote for Debbie was read because watching her play was probably the most annoying part of the show at this point. Her arrogance was horrible by the end of her game, and she really deserved the fall she got. I love Survivor justice…I alluded to it before, but I’m most excited to see what becomes of the Zeke Brad, Troy conversation we saw in the preview for next week. Zeke has nothing to lose right now, and Brad would probably really benefit from trashing his original alliance and starting over at this point, versus getting picked off one by one. Zeke played an aggressive game last time, and fortunately for him, no one else has seen that game, so his tricks have yet to be revealed. If those 3 can manage to flip the game on its head, that would be a very exciting outcome.

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