I think its official for me at this point; I’m out on this season. Of course I’ll continue to watch and blog about it through the finale, but I’m just not a big fan of how this game’s gone down. I’m finding that I’m just not that invested in the people left in the game, and I haven’t really been a fan of the strategic or personal decisions anyone has made thus far. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Cirie win, solely for her entire body of work as a Suvivor player, and I also am still keeping a small rooting interest in Troyzan, but there’s really no one else that I’m ecstatic about watching for the remainder of the show. The only thing I’m hoping for from this point on is we get the highly anticipated “advantage-geddon” where everyone’s advantages come into play at the same vote and total chaos ensues. That would be the happiest moment of this game, and probably the one thing that could salvage this season from monotony. The blog must go on though, so here’s this week’s Power Rankings:

  1. Andrea Boehlke (-1)

– I like Andrea, I really do, but this show is doing everything in it’s power to keep me from rooting for her. She’s probably not really a villain in this game, yet her edit suggest that she is so I don’t really know what to think at all. I’m stil of the opinion that she gets voted out in an epic fashion, and I’ll be waiting patiently for that moment, because her reaction to getting voted out is always fantastic.

  1. Tai Trang (+2)

– Tai’s new strategy of staying in the middle of two alliances is still not a winning strategy. He isn’t going to gain a great deal of respect from his peers if he plays a safe game from here on out. Instead, Tai should utilize those idols in his back pockets to make some bold, ‘game changing’ moves, and then maybe, just maybe, he’ll have some sort of a shot in the right final three scenarios.

  1. Troyzan Robertson (-)

– We are getting nothing from Troyzan, nothing at all. I’m not happy about it, he’s actually the last of the people I was rooting for pre-season left in the game, so his lack of an amazing edit is not helping my overall mood here.

  1. Michaela Bradshaw (+3)

– I’ve thought for some time that Michaela was kind of drawing dead because of her lack of a social game, but now I’m starting to see something there. I think she’s growing in this game just a bit, and while I don’t think she’ll be able to convince a majority of people in the game to vote for her in the end, I do believe that she has a growth argument to make. She’s played the whole game from the bottom, and has managed to stick around while staying true to herself and to her abilities. At this point in time, a surprise Michaela win would not be the worst imaginable ending to this season.

  1. Aubry Bracco (-)

– Aubry might be #4 on my list, but I don’t think she’s a viable winner this season. I think she has the capability of ending out the game in a great way, but she hasn’t been a focal point of the edit at all, so my opinion of her chances isn’t changing. I think I’ve narrowed down the field to 3 contenders at this point.

  1. Brad Culpepper (-)

– It was really great seeing Monica back on Survivor as Brad’s loved one visitor. It was a nice moment for him too, and you could tell having her there to talk a little strategy really helped him focus his energy and efforts in the game. I think that boost may be enough for him to launch an immunity run towards the end of the game, kind of like what Mike did in Worlds Apart. That might be Brad’s best chance to succeed, but I do think it would make for a cool end to the game.

  1. Sarah Lacina (-)

– Sarah’s played a smart game, but I don’t find her easy to root for. Her move to coax Sierra into giving her the Legacy Advantage was brilliant, but it was also very cruddy. None of the personal stories she’s shown in confessionals or within the game itself have done much to warm me up to her because she’s played a very cold, calculated game. If she wins the game, it’ll be a real emotional letdown.

  1. Cirie Fields (-)

– Unlike Sarah, if Cirie won the game I think there would be some great emotional response to her victory. Much like Boston Rob in Redemption Island, Cirie has come back for a fourth time in Game Changers after getting heartbreakingly close to winning on a few occasions. If she could pull out the victory, I think it would be a very popular moment in the history of the show. I think my rankings have gotten to the point of wishful thinking by now, but I do believe Cirie is crafty enough and smart enough to leverage her relationships and her lack of physical skill to sneak under the radar and get to the end of the game.


Thoughts After the Episode:

  • My player of the week honors go to Sarah for this episode because her deception of Sierra was really quite masterful. I can respect a good game play even if I’m not fond of the style or the character, and Sarah played Sierra like a fiddle, and it may work to her advantage long-term…My favorite moment of the episode was probably Cirie’s interactions with her son. Some of his reactions were truly GIF worthy, and it was nice to see one of her kids out there, since she’s mentioned them throughout her time on the show…I’m having the hardest time trying to figure out who’s going to exit the game next week. Advantage-geddon has to happen at final 6, and it definitely is happening to Andrea, so neither Sarah, Tai, Troyzan, nor Andrea are going to go this time. I also do expect Brad and Cirie to have a say in the ending of the season, so my bet is that Michaela and Aubry are probably the next two out. I’m assuming since there’s only two weeks ‘til the finale that we’ll probably get a double elimination somewhere in there, so we’ll have to see what kinds of tricks the producers have up their sleeves for this upcoming episode.

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