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Survivor: Game Changers – Power Rankings and Thoughts After Episode 11

There was a nice little bounce back in the action this week on Survivor: Game Changers, with a fairly shocking double elimination that really had me excited again. I’ve been going back and forth, week-to-week about how I feel about this season, and just as soon as I was out on the season, I’m feeling a little better after that crazy turnaround Tribal council. The last thing I was expecting going into that vote was the numbers to turn around on Michaela of all people, yet that was the end result after Cirie failed to read the fine print of Sarah’s advantage. Not only was that situation tense, suspenseful, and exciting, but it’s a great lead-in to the finale, knowing that some of the old bonds have been broken. I think the game has opened up for a lot of people now, and there are many different ways I could see these last few votes going down. I’m actually really looking forward to this finale now, knowing there’s some hope for an interesting finish from here on out. Here are this week’s Survivor Power rankings:


  1. Tai Trang

– I’ve believed for weeks now that Tai has very little shot of winning the game, but will still play a big part in who eventually does win this season. I think my prediction will come true in the finale as he’ll have to decide between Brad and Sarah who he wants to play with more and who scares him more in the end. I think the success or failure of the finale episode will all hinge on how Tai performs, and whether or not he makes interesting decisions or lets others play him. I don’t see Tai winning, but I’m still hoping that he can make a splash and influence the final result.

  1. Troyzan Robertson

– Troy probably doesn’t stand a chance to win either, simply based on how little of his game we’ve seen, but I am excited to see if he can use his idol to make a big move at the next Tribal Council. If Brad is going to come out on top this season, it will be thanks to Troyzan’s loyalty to him for sure.

  1. Aubry Bracco

– Aubry has become such a fascinating anomaly in Survivor history. More than anyone else I can think of, Aubry has an uncanny penchant for being blindsided, but not voted out. In both of her seasons played, Aubry’s greatest allies have either been removed for injury or blindsided in a crazy fashion, and that stayed true to form this week with the Michaela vote. Aubry is so unlucky playing Survivor, and it’s a shame because she really understands the game about as well as anyone, and has played a great strategic game twice now. I don’t think it was meant to be for Aubry, luck is not on her side.

  1. Cirie Fields

– Cirie made a terrible blunder this week not reading the fine print of the legacy advantage. It was a swing for the fences moment for her game, as she tried to one-up Sarah in front of the jury, and struck out big time doing so. I think this definitely will hurt Cirie’s chances of winning the game, and it’s a shame because I thought she was doing really well until then. She could still recover going forward, but she’s going to have to beat Sarah fair and square to do so.

  1. Sarah Lacina

– I may not be too high on Sarah as a character, but I give her a lot of credit for showing poise at Tribal Council, making a plan on the fly and putting a stamp on her game. I love the whole idea of telling Tai she was going to take his vote but then using it to help him by eliminating Michaela, one of Cirie’s most trusted numbers. It was great game play. I’m just really hoping that Sarah doesn’t win this game, she doesn’t bring any remarkable, root-able traits to the table, and her game so far has been boring. Survivor is a television show, and it’s really a shame when someone without an entertaining game or story ends up prevailing in the end.

  1. Brad Culpepper

– Brad is in it to win it. He is clearly the biggest immunity threat left in the game, has the strongest alliance left in the game with Troyzan, and has a comfortable working relationship with Tai that he could seriously cash in on. I would love to see Brad at Final tribal council talk about Monica and how he wants to win the game for her and for their family. I think it would be a great end to their family’s playing saga for Brad to triumph in the end, so this is how I’m choosing to believe things will pay out. I’m hoping Brad can save this season by winning decisively in the end.

Thoughts After the Episode:

  • My player of the week honors go to Sarah for this episode. She’s bad for TV, but she makes smart plays, and I can’t deny that she was the crucial instigator of the final vote. The Michaela vote is basically hers and hers alone, so there’s no way she doesn’t get the honors for best player this time. I just sincerely hope anyone else wins this game but her because I couldn’t be happy with a Sarah win…My favorite moment of the episode was that Tribal Council moment where Sarah went to Tai and whispered in his ear while Troyzan was running over trying to listen in on what Cirie, Aubry, and Michaela were talking about. Michaela’s reaction to Troyzan was priceless…So how’s it all going to go down on Wednesday? To be honest, it’s really hard to predict how the tides are going to turn in this game, considering how much backstabbing and lying has gone down towards the end. With the final seven happening so close to the end of the game, I think there won’t be any time for the wounds to really heal well, so I expect chaos and bitterness to take over very quickly, especially between Sarah and Cirie. If Brad and Troyzan can keep Tai on their side, I have a feeling that could be the final 3 of the season, and if it works out like that, I imagine the questions at Final Tribal Council may be interesting and pointed. I have a feeling Brad will win in the end, but it really could be anyone’s game with a strong finish in the last few days of the game. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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